Congleton Shop-Mobility

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Congleton Disabled Access Group

Registered Charity No. 1149231

Our Staff/Volunteers List

Here are just some of the people you will meet at Shop-Mobility. The first  few faces you will see most regularly around Shop-Mobility but the others you may see from time to time. To contact anyone either at shop-mobility or CDAG just phone 01260 273733 or email and state who the message is for and your message will be forwarded to the relevant person.

Shop-Mobility Manager:   Elaine Wray

Elaine manages Congleton Shop-Mobility, and will often be your first point of contact. She is also involved with Riding for the Disabled on the Saturdays she’s not working.


Shop-Mobility Volunteer:  Nigel Foster

Nigel is a volunteer and also a member of CDAG and comes in usually 3 half days a week. He also volunteers at the DIB and the Beartown Museum so you will see him at lots of places..

Shop-Mobility Volunteer: Roy Sample 

Roy volunteers for 2 afternoons a week usually Tues & Sat and is a also a member of CDAG for which he is also the Allotment Manager, he supervises the Allotments for the disabled.

Shop-Mobility Volunteer: Christine Ashford

Christine after a chance meeting with Roy who told them about us and that we needed volunteers,  after talking to Janet who suggested attending CDAG she then became a member.  She now also volunteers along with her husband Ken on Saturdays at Shop-Mobility

Shop-Mobility Volunteer: Ken Ashford

Ken along with his wife Christine has offered to volunteer on Saturdays at Shop-Mobility all because of a chance meeting with Roy






Shop-Mobility Member: John Wray (Chairman)

Shop-Mobility Volunteer: Matthew Austin

John is the Chairman of Shop-Mobility and is also a Councillor on Cheshire East Council and believes the disabled should get fair access to all services. He volunteers on the occasional Saturday or when needed.

Matthew is our most recent volunteer and I think our youngest. He very into computers so we are hoping he’ll be an asset when we have computer problems.

E-mail: E-mail:

Shop-Mobility Member: Janet Gross-Niklaus (Secretary)

Janet is our very hard working Shop-Mobility Secretary and is also very hands on, there is nothing she will not do to help anyone out. She is one fantastic lady. Volunteers when ever needed.

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Shop-Mobility Member: Mike Gross Niklaus (Treasurer)

After becoming the Treasurer for CDAG through becoming involved because of his wife Janet he has now also become Treasurer for Shop-Mobility, Mike is a retired computer consultant and though is disabled is a fantastic character.  Mike also plays the keyboard for us at our events.


Shop-Mobility Member: Dawn Allen (Project  Officer)

Dawn has worked to help Disabled people access various services, working with the Town Council (of which she is a Councillor) and Cheshire East and was enthusiastic when the idea came about to set up Shop-Mobility. Dawn is another of our disabled members