Congleton Shop-Mobility

Part of

Congleton Disabled Access Group

Registered Charity No. 1149231



Our Entrance to the Municipal Offices in Congleton

About Us and How it Began

Some years ago Congleton Disabled Access Group was formed by a small group of people who themselves had mobility difficulties, they soon heard about people with disabilities (whether with walking or because of difficulties with their sight) having problems with things like kerbs and overgrown hedges and realised that these people needed a voice that would be heard to get things done and so started CDAG.

Yvonne Penlington, Ernie Penlington, Margaret Andrews & Sue Thorley (our Former Publicity Officer), are our Founder Members from the start of that group, our other members are Janet Gross-Niklaus (Secretary), Dawn Allen (Project Officer),  Mike Gross-Niklaus (Treasurer), Roy Sample (Allotment Manager), John Wray (Chairman), Elaine Wray Shop-Mobility Manager and Nigel Foster.

Back in 2005 their thoughts turned to the fact that there wasn’t a shopmobility in Congleton and started to explore the idea, from little acorns mighty Oaks grow, and so though we are only at the sapling stage we are growing and aim to get bigger and better.

We have had funding from ‘Big Lottery Fund’ which purchased our scooters, and funding from the Congleton Town Council which help pay for our first years rent, insurance, and a managers wage for 3 days a week, Cheshire East Council has also put some funding for advertising/signs and a small amount to help get going,  we’ve also had some funding from Congleton Town Trust and the Co-op Community fund, we are now going to have to source funds to keep us going in the future. 

We are now a ‘Registered Charity’ Registration No. 1149231.


Our Seating Area, for when you need a breather.

With Nigel at the desk.

We recommend that you book so as to make sure there is a scooter available.

Our Opening times are: -

Tuesday …………….  10.00am—3.30pm



Other times may be possible if required but only by a prior arrangement