Congleton Shop-Mobility

Part of

Congleton Disabled Access Group

Registered Charity No. 1149231

CDAG Committee Members

The Following are all members of Congleton Disabled Access Group which helped start off Shop-Mobility and sometimes will be seen helping out or just simply calling in to see that everything is running smoothly.

CDAG—Chairman  Councillor John Wray

John is CDAG’s Current Chairman and first became involved through the former Congleton Borough Council approximately 5 years ago and stayed on because he believes in  the aims of the group, in tackling the Councils to make access easier for those disadvantaged.

CDAG—Secretary  Janet Gross-Niklaus

Janet joined CDAG about 3 years ago upon a request from a member to help raise funds. She was then elected secretary. She has used her skills learnt from the communications group Power Talk for CDAG and was keen to get Shop-Mobility going and obtained a grant ‘Awards For All’ (Lottery funded) to start things.

CDAG—Treasurer  Mike Gross-Niklaus

Mike is a fantastic character and become involved with CDAG through his hard working wife, Janet, and we welcome him as our latest Treasurer and a great keyboard player.

CDAG—Founder Member Sue Thorley

Sue was our Public Relations Officer and is one of our Founder Members, she was a nurse then a occupational therapist before her disability. She became aware of the fact that there wasn’t a voice for those in a similar position and so started CDAG. Sadly Sue has had to step down from all work due to illness. She will be greatly missed for all her hard work and her tremendous input.

CDAG—Fundraising Officer  Cllr Dawn Allen

Dawn has been a member of CDAG for  a number of  years  and is our Fundraising and Equality & Diversity Officer. She has  worked to help Disabled people access various services, working with the Town Council (of which she is a Councillor) and Cheshire East and was enthusiastic when the idea came about to set up Shop-Mobility.

CDAG—Founder Member  Ernie Penlington

CDAG—Founder Member  Yvonne Penlington

CDAG—Our Former Treasurer  Margaret Andrews

CDAG—Allotment Manager  Roy Sample

CDAG– Member  Elaine Wray

Yvonne is one of main Founder Members and was formerly the Secretary of CDAG and has since been made an Lifetime Honorary Secretary.

Ernie is also a Founder Member and is our Lifetime Honorary President and at the moment is our Vice Chairman. 

Margaret had been our Treasurer for a number of years and has done a fantastic job but has recently decided to step down.

Roy became involved with CDAG when he found it difficult to get drop kerbs in key area’s and does many things to do with the disabled from talking newspapers to our own CDAG and Shop-mobility. He promotes both CDAG and Shop-Mobility at every opportunity.

Elaine had been on the edge of CDAG via her husband for a number of years and it had been suggested sometime before that she should become more involved, as time went on and it was obvious that they needed more help to get Shop-mobility up and running she became an active member.

CDAG—Member  Nigel Foster

Nigel became a member of CDAG when it was suggested he could help with their project of  getting Shop-Mobility up and running.

CDAG—Member  Ken Ashford

Through a chance meeting with Roy who told them about Shop-mobility and how we needed volunteers it was suggested they come to our CDAG meeting where they became members

As with Ken, Christine first learnt of Shop-mobility and then about CDAG. After their first meeting they decided to become members.

CDAG—Member  Christine Ashford